by Axl Hess

The American Nazi Party just posted an insightful new Report about the current political games we’re seeing all over the news, and the headlines that billionaire Donald Trump has been making lately.

Every presidential election year, the republican primary game gets a “wildcard” candidate thrown in the mix that caters to certain sections of White America.  Last time it was Ron Paul, and before that was Pat Buchanan.  NOW, it’s billionaire Donald Trump.  EVERY TIME these clowns get paraded in the media as if they are the knight in shining armor here to save the patriotic, gun-loving, constitution-loving White Working American and shake up the system.  And our people buy it hook, line, and sinker…EVERY SINGLE TIME.

It is not as if Obama was the problem, or Bush, or Clinton, or the other Bush, or any of the other evil psychopaths that were hand picked to sit in the White House.  We have a systemic issue, a cancer, that will not be cured by changing the president.

It blows my mind that White Americans always have hope in “the next guy” to run for president as if he’ll make the changes this country desperately needs.  I guess that way it gives them an excuse to do nothing constructive themselves, and just hope “someone else” will take care of things.



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GEORGE SOROS USA Quantum Fund "Open Society" Lawrence Eagleburger, former US ambassador to Yugoslavia
Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State
Warren Zimmerman, former US ambassador to Yugoslavia
Madeleine ALBRIGHT US Secretary of State
Richard Holbrooke as the US envoy for the former Yugoslavia
ALFRED (AL) The US Vice President
WILLIAM COHEN US Secretary of Defense
SAMUEL BERGER US National Security Adviser
JAMES RUBIN spokesman for the US State Department
YBIGNEW BRYEYINSKI Former US National Security Advisor
Anthony Lake USA Former Chief Advisor to find. security
WARREN CHRISTOPHER US Former Secretary of State
PETER GALBRIGHT USA Former US Ambassador to BiH
By Robert Gelbard, the US envoy for the former Yugoslavia
JACQUES KLEIN US Administrator of the UN Sremska baraljsku area
John Kornblum US envoy for the former Yugoslavia
REGINALD BARTHOLOMEW US envoy for the former Yugoslavia
RICHARD Kauzlarich US Ambassador to BiH
STUART EINSENSTAT Former US Assistant State sec. Safety
Stephen Oxman Former US Assistant State sec. for Europe
RICHARD Schifer US Ambassador to Israel, envoy for the PI.
IRA Magaziner now former Chief Security Advisor
MARAK Goulding US Under Secretary of the United Nations
Jeffry Sax US Creator of the economic program for Eastern Euro.
MAURICE Goldsteen US Institute for International Economics
US Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, demanded the bombing of the Serbs
ROBERT Frowick US Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH
TIM GOULDIMAN US Mission to the OSCE in Croatia
David Bornstein US spokesman SFOR in BiH
US Congressman Tom Lantos, always against Serbs
PETER Tarnoff US Assistant State sec. Political issues
KATTY Marthon US President Organisation for Media Freedom
US journalist Roy Gutman, received a Pulitzer Prize for lies about Serbs
DAVID KAPLAN US correspondent of ABC News from BiH
LARRY KING CNN US Famed manager
Wolff Blitzer US reporter CNN
Peter Ustinov US famous actor, said, "The Serbs are retarded"
Steven Spielberg USA famous director and Srbomrzitelj
Wesley Clark US NATO general, a war criminal
Malcolm Rifkind Kingdom Former Defense Minister
GERALD KAUFMAN Kingdom member of Blair's Labour Party
NIGEL LAWSON Kingdom Former Minister of Finance
DAVID HUNT Kingdom Commission for Combating Anti-Semitism
Sir Leon Britten Kingdom President GATT Commission
SIR ALFRED SHERMAN Kingdom Former advisor to Margaret Thatcher
PETER Mendelsohn Kingdom Blair associate, Minister of Trade
David Hanney Kingdom British Ambassador to the UN
Nora Beloff Kingdom Observer correspondent
MAURICE SAATCHI Kingdom organizer of the student protests in BG '97.
Carlos Westendorp of Spain Representative of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina
JORGE SAMPAIO President of Portugal Portugal
Richard Goldstone J. Africa Former President of the Hague Tribunal
Bronislaw Geremek, Poland Administrator OSCE
GIANI DE MICHELLIS Italy Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
RUPERT MURDOCH Austral. Media magnate
James Wolfensohn Austral. World Bank President
EUGEN Lánska Czech Vice-President of the Czech Republic
HENRY WEINNANS Netherlands Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
Petre Roman Romania former prime minister, leader of the Democratic Party
GYORGY KONRAD Hungary President of the World PEN Club
EDGAR BROMFMAN Canada President of the World Jewish Congress
SIMON Wiesental Austria "Nazi hunter"
TEDDY KOLEK Israel mayor of Jerusalem, a hater of Serbs
SIMONE WAIL Franc. Former predsdnica European Parliament
ROBERT BADINTEUR Franc. The president of the famous "Badinter Commission"
Bernard-Henry Levy Franc. Philosopher, leader of the group srbomrzitelja
Andre Glucksman Franc. A philosopher, a member of the group of philosophers Levi
Jacques Derrida Franc. A philosopher, a member of the group of philosophers Levi
Alain Finkielkraut Franc. A philosopher, a member of the group of philosophers Levi
LORAIN Fabius Franc. Former Prime Minister
Tansu Çiller, Turkey Former Prime Minister
DANIEL COHN-BENDIT Franc. The leader of the student protest in in 1968.
GABY GLUMAN Sweden President of the Swedish PEN Club
JACQUES ATALLY Franc. The President. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Rick Salutin Canada writer, participant of the student protests in BG '97.
Josef "Joschka" Fisher Germany's Foreign Minister
HELMUTH KOHL Germany Former German Chancellor
Freimut Duwe Germany OSCE envoy for press freedom
LUC LEVY Franc. Director of the French Cultural Centre in Belgrade
Bernard Kushner Franc. Srbomrzitelj, always with the enemies of the Serbs
JACK LANG Franc. Former Minister of Culture
LAYAR MOJSOV Macedonia, senior official of the former Yugoslavia
MICHAEL FRIDMAN Germany Advisor to former Chancellor Kohl
ISRAEL KELMAN Austria owns 51% of marauding Dafiment
MARGARET KOCH Switzerland President of the Swiss Confederation
Boris Yeltsin, Russia Former predsednk Russia
Go Juve Gaidar, Russia Bovše Prime Minister
ANDREY KOYIREV Russia Former Foreign Minister
SERGEY KIRIENKO Russia Former Prime Minister (1998)
Yevgeni Primakov, Russia Former Prime Minister (1999)
ALFRED KOCH Russia Former Deputy Prime Minister (until 1997)
ANTHOLY Chubais, Russia The former Yeltsin adviser
GENADI Burbulis Russia Former Minister of Finance (with Gaidar)
VLADIMIR ZYRINOVSKY Russia leader, Liberal Democratic Party of Russia
Grigory Yavlinsky The leader of Russia bloc Yabloko (center party)
Michael Zadornov Russian Federation Minister of Finance (with Primakov)
Sergei Stepashin Russian Interior Minister
Sergei Lavrov, Russia Russian Ambassador to the United Nations
Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky, the media magnate
BORIS NIEMTSOV Russia ramenik Former Prime Minister Kirienko
ALEXANDER RUTSKOY Russia leader rebellion in the Russian parliament
PETER AVEN Russia Former Minister of Foreign Trade
MICHAEL FRIDMAN Russian banker, with co-Aven Alfa Bank
Vladimir Gusinsky Russian media magnate, Perdue. Russian Jewish Kong.
ALEXANDER Smolensky Russia Prestoničnaja Bank
Vitaly Malkin Russia Russian Credit Bank
VLADIMIR YASIN Russian Minister of Economy (with Chernomyrdin)
Antoly Sobchak, Russia Mayor Sankt- Petersburg
YULLY VORONTSOV Russia Former Russian Ambassador to the UN
YEFIM ZVIAGILSKY Ukraine Former Prime Minister
Sonja Licht, President of Yugoslavia, Soros Fund for Yugoslavia
Czeslav MILOS Czech Nobel laureate, asked bombardovalje Serbs
DAVID KALEFF USA Advisor for Public Relations in Milan Panic
LASLO Sekely Yugoslavia Correspondent many Soros Published
Dragoslav Avramovic former Yugoslavia NBJ, "opposition leader"

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Serbia's prime minister has denounced neighboring Hungary's razor-wire border fence to stop migrants, comparing it to Nazi-era concentration camps.
Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic spoke as he talked to migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia who were camping Wednesday in a Belgrade park. He said Serbia has no plans to build fences on its border even though it is being overwhelmed by the flood of migrants.
Vucic says "we won't build those wires, those barbed wires. It only takes for someone to switch the electricity through those wires and to finish the job."
Serbia, on the main transit route for migrants who want to reach Western Europe, fears when the fence is completed, it will leave thousands of people stranded inside the Balkan country.
Anti-Semitic graffiti on the wall of a Jewish girls' school in London.
Anti-Semitic graffiti on the wall of a Jewish girls' school in London.
Photo Credit: courtesy Shomrim Official / EJP

Anti-Semitic vandalism is rising in Britain, most recently — this summer — in London.
The Jewish-funded Edward VII Drinking Fountain memorial in East London was desecrated last week with slabs of red meat and chicken.
Designed by sculptor William Silver Frith, the fountain was a tribute to the eldest son of Queen Victoria and was paid for by local Jewish residents in 1911.
Earlier in the month, a Nazi swastika was scrawled on a fence outside the Beis Chinuch Lebonos Girls’ School in the Hackney section of London.
The words “Yid Sh*t were carefully, neatly printed with the swastika.
It was the second time in a month the school had been targeted with anti-Semitic vandalism.
In Europe, the Yiddish word “Yid” has now become a racial slur, according to the European Jewish Press.
This month petition was created August 7 on the official website of the British Parliament, demanding the arrest of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for “war crimes” against Palestinians during Israel’s counter terror operation last year against Hamas in Gaza.
The petition garnered more than 70,000 signatures so far this month. At the 100,000 mark the parliament allegedly is required to debate the matter.
However, the British government has stifled the issue, having responded last week to the initiative with a statement pointing out that under UK and international law, Netanyahu is “immune from criminal jurisdiction.”
I have not made a single personal attack against Alex Jones. I will make available to you his own Alex Jones own words spoken on his own show. You can hear for yourself his own words, uncensored. His criticism of me since our debate has as much validity as it did in the program. Why has the Great Debate disappeared from his website even as he continues to make the weirdest attacks on me. Instead he should be proud to be apart of one of the most revealing talkshows of all time.

Here's how began his show from yesterday, the day after we debated.

I've got some comments in hindsight with the extended interview/debate with David Duke yesterday that just left me with a weird taste in my mouth.

It was just surreal. And I will tell you why I had that take on it… I overall was just not pleased with the outcome

But I came away with this. And I wouldn't do it because it was disingenuous, but I almost did it. During the breaks out there

He (Duke) looked like a different person. And it was really creeping me out…and during the break he looked very wolfish.

He's a pretty scary guy actually. And I'll hand that to him. He's really an intimidating looking fellow especially when he wasn't playing Mr. Kutsie.

And then I was talking to some business people who are very high-powered here in Austin. I'm not into it last night but they were like "oh yeah David Duke is in business in Austin Texas and blah blah blah" I had no idea how successful this guy is.

There's a lot more than meets the eye with David Duke. I can tell you that.
Note: we will put in links so you can hear his comments.

He must be pretty desperate, what in the world is he talking about, implying I was shape-shifter or something, a subject that has been seriously talked about on his show before.

Then he said about how he wanted to have an intelligent conversation but how I somehow wouldn't permit that.

But are these "intelligent arguments? As for my fantastical business in Austin, I don't think I have bought even a hamburger in the town. More intelligent refutation of my arguments.

He goes on to say that I wouldn't answer his questions. His audience as evidenced by his own blogs apparently thought I answered them completely. His own subscribers were over 90 percent positive of me and at least somewhat if not extremely critical of him.

I think that is because I did answer his questions excellently and he never could make one effective refutation of my naming the tribal ultimate elite in media, politics and finance.

However, thanks to his incredible, my seeming logic and heartfelt words were only my exceptional shape-shifting abilities.

You see I am one the Inter-galactic shape-shifter lizard/wolf people who must be evil because I want to save Western Christian Civilization and the European people who created it. Obviously.

After promoting the great debate for two days and then having me on for over two hours and a half, for some strange reason, the video of his quote "Great Debate" with me has disappeared.

I guess some shape- shifting invisible wolves have slipped in studio and made sure the powerful words of Alex the Great don't reach all of his followers.

A side note:

Only one little carefully chosen snippet was posted by the Jones organization: an 11 minute segment of his house Zionist trying to use some obscure quote out of a book to prove me wrong.

The book cited by the Zio staff member was The Creature from Jekyll Island, written by Edward G. Griffin. He tried to refute my assertion of mass influence in the FED and the predator banks by mentioning a couple of names at the Jekyll Island meeting. He carefully left out the fact that in the book Griffin showed that 3 out the five banking Houses that created the Federal Reserve were 100 percent Jewish: The Warburg, Rothschilds and Jacob Schiff's Kuhn and Leob Co. and that is not counting the many Jews in important positions in the ostensibly the Gentile firms.

The book makes it clear that the driving force behind the banking consortium were in Griffins own words, the "real Daddy Warbucks" who were the world most power bankers the Rothschilds and Warburgs. Moreover he makes it plain the Warburgs were the organizers of the whole.

Odd that the house Zio used Edward G. Griffin to try to prove me wrong when Griffin himself has been condemned just as I have, as an anti-Semite for saying the Protocols of Zion accurately describes the world of today. The protocols argue that there is a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world including banking. Here is a quote form the of April 6, 2011 in an article pointing that Griffin, the author of The Creature From Jekyll Island. was an anti-Semite who saw Jewish Supremacism as the greatest threat to mankind and the power behind the New World Order.

"This vile turn for Beck reached its logical extreme two weeks ago, when he devoted his entire show to a conspiracy theory about various bankers, including the Rothschilds, to create the Federal Reserve. To make this case, Beck hosted the conspiracy theorist G. Edward Griffin, who has publicly argued that the anti-Semitic tract “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” “accurately describes much of what is happening in our world today.” [Washington Post, How Glen Beck Lost it]

Griffin’s Web site dabbles in a variety of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, including his view that “present-day political Zionists are promoting the New World Order.”

Why didn't Jones' Jewish producer not mention this well-known fact when tried to use Griffin's book to prove that Jews weren't the primary power behind the Federal Reserve, which Griffin himself said repeatedly. Pretty deceitful, huh?

Even that short video clip posted on Jones' site went down the memory hole when they finally realized that it did them no good and actually validated my points.

Maybe Jones isn't responsible for the fact the debate with me is now missing in action. Perhaps it was his producer, the Zionist Jacobson who rushed in trying to save Jones and Zionism in the end, who deleted the video.

But, ironic isn't it when a Zionist Jew rushes in and tries to deflect a sword of truth about Jewish power. Not one of his non-Jewish fellow staff members felt any need to do so. I think that they, like all the listeners were fascinated by what I had to say.

I hope you are too, because these truths are essential for your freedom, your heritage and your very survival!

Your friendly Shape-shifting white wolf,
Dr. David Duke

This chart ends at 2000, however the trend has only accelerated since then.

By 2015, the non-Hispanic White population in whole numbers is less than half of what was in 1960, while Hispanic and Asian populations have increased by approximately ten times.