A South Carolina man who complained that he could not find a girlfriend allegedly attacked his grandmother with a hammer before attempting to rapeher.

The Charlotte Observer reports that 20-year-old Samuel Dye of Chester was arrested and charged with attempted murder and attempted criminal sexual conduct.

Police claim Dye went to his 61-year-old grandmother’s home around 4 a.m. Thursday morning. Dye’s father heard her screaming and went to check on her. He allegedly witnessed his son on top of the woman, bashing her in the head with a hammer. He rushed in and pulled the attacker away from his mother and called police.

The woman told officers that Dye showed up at her home complaining that he could not find a girlfriend. He allegedly told her he was “going to get some” before assaulting her. She asked him to stop and suggested that they pray, but Dye apparently was not in a religious mood. He allegedly exposed himself and attempted to rape her before beating her with the hammer and mounting her.

Dye, who has no prior criminal history, is being held in the Chester CountyDetention Center.

This disturbing story comes just weeks after Trevon Isaac, a 15-year-old Coloradoteen, was arrested for raping his 59-year-old grandmother while she slept.

In New Orleans, a man was arrested last year for raping his 85-year-old double amputee grandmother.

And in Detroit, 19-year-old Aaron Lee Moorer was sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping his 48-year-old step-grandmother in 2009.


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This week, the American Nazi Party registered its first lobbyist in Washington, D.C. The single lobbyist, John Bowles, represents the South Carolina-based organization and is a former presidential candidate, standing in the 2008 election. The reactionary response to this news is to start debating the menacing rise of the far right in the U.S. and attempt to draw parallels with far-right extremism in Europe. However, Nazism as an ideology is ultimately a self-defeating endeavour and its contradictions highlight some of the major weaknesses in the more acceptable ideologies which rule our lives in the modern world.

Amongst its many distinguishing features, perhaps the ideological goal most associated with Nazism is its identification of the Jewish race as the cause of many of the problems of the modern world. Yet, it is not the individual Jew with whom the Nazi is in conflict, but rather the conceptual Jew which the individual represents. A person who identifies themselves as a Nazi is unlikely to be concerned about the physical, observable actions of a Jewish individual but rather the unobservable, non-corporeal behaviours the Nazi believes the Jew participates in (controlling society, avarice, magic etc.). Consequently, the actions of Nazism against the physical Jew only serve to strengthen the conceptual Jew of their prejudice. Of course, people of the Jewish faith are not a threat to society and their presence or absence will not affect the outcomes of public policy. The result being, in a state dominated by the Nazi ideology, where Jewishness is supressed or even exterminated, as the number of corporeal Jews decreases and the societal problems persist, the Nazi must allocate more and more blame to the conceptual Jew. In the mind of the Nazi, the conceptual, unobservable Jew (the “real” threat) becomes increasingly powerful despite their efforts to eliminate corporeal Judaism.

A similar pattern can be observed in the contemporary faith in neo-liberal economics (not that there are any similarities between capitalism and Nazism, simply that ideology behaves consistently in both cases). The neo-liberal capitalist believes that the more capitalism is allowed to act by itself, without government interference, the more successful it will be. The capitalist blames the failure of the capitalist system (recessions, depressions, price bubbles etc.) on the actions of those who “interfere” in the economy. Consequently, it is the goal of the capitalist ideologue to eliminate those organizations or beliefs they see as distorting the system (the Departments of Commerce, Education and … the other one. Oops). Yet, when capitalism continues to fail they must assign more and more blame to an ever decreasing group of corporeal agents. More power is transferred to the conceptual “opponents” of capitalism and ultimately the ideologue only manages to generate a perception of their own impotence as their ideological quest empowers their non-corporeal enemies.

Even the most extreme and implausible ideology shares common features with those belief systems which govern our everyday lives. The politics of assigning blame must ultimately result in self-destruction as individuals try to leverage the realm of perception to support their desired power structure. Ultimately, John Bowles and the American Nazi Party pose much less of a threat to our society than the ideology of blame which we encounter every day.

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about South Carolina’s well-earned reputation for dirty politics … but until recently we hadn’t seen much actual evidence of it during the 2012 election cycle. Sure, there have been plenty of hard-hitting political ads launched by (or on behalf of) all of the Republican presidential candidates, but for the most part these attacks have been surprisingly substantive.

With just days remaining before the Palmetto State’s pivotal “First in the South” presidential primary, though, things could be on the verge of getting very dirty, very fast.

Case in point? A prominent (and anonymous) Tea Party blogger has created an image of former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum that shows the pandering politician sporting a “Hitler moustache.”

Below is the original version of the controversial image, which features not only Santorum’s superimposed Adolf Hitler stache but also a reference to Godwin’s Law – which holds that “as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.”

What message was the creator of this image attempting to communicate? We’re not sure …

“Workin’ Tommy C” – a longtime contributor to the right wing Palmetto political website Stuffed Suits – has acknowledged creating the image in Photoshop. He says he came up with the idea in an effort to tweak Santorum supporter Billy Pickering, the Kentucky-based blogger who writes the website.

Tommy says that his “mild” criticism of Santorum in recent days has resulted in Pickering banning him from posting articles on the website – which is popular among South Carolina Tea Party activists.

He says he never attempted to post the image to the website.

“Pickering first got incensed over some VERY MILD criticisms of Rick Santorum I made in an article on Stuffed Suits,” Tommy wrote in an email to FITS that contained the Santorum/ Hitler image. “I should have known better than to be teamed up with an out-of-state political operative wannabe.”

Santorum’s campaign was not immediately available to comment regarding the controversial image.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The Sons of Confederate Veterans isn’t giving up its fight to fly the Confederate flag on city-owned poles in Lexington.
   Attorneys for the Southern heritage group have scheduled a news conference in Roanoke on Thursday to discuss a legal challenge of a Lexington ordinance passed last September.
   The ordinance states that only the city, state and U.S. flags can be flown on downtown light poles.
   City officials say they received hundreds of complaints one year ago when Confederate flags were planted in holders on light poles to mark Lee-Jackson Day, a state holiday.
   The ordinance does not limit other public displays of the flag.
   Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson are buried in the city of approximately 7,000 in rural western Virginia.


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In what can only be considered a tragic irony, the U.S. Senate passed out of the final conference committee the controversial National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, coinciding with the 220th Anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights. Section 1031 of the National Defense Authorization Act otherwise known as the NDAA, provides broad authority for the federal government to use the military in domestic operations in order to detain Americans indefinitely and without trial. Such a move not only whitewashes the natural rights of Americans, whereby even publicly criticizing the federal government can now rise to the purposefully vague definition of a “belligerent act”, it also sits in direct violation of “Posse Comitatus” an 1878 law forbidding use of the military at home and against Americans. Here are Congressman Paul’s remarks on the bill.

As Congressman Paul stated, the bill requires absolutely no supporting evidence to issue the order of detention, instead leaving it up to the whim of the Executive Branch to act as Judge, Jury, and in some cases having already decreed the power to assassinate Americans earlier in the year, executioner.

The danger behind allowing any law that includes such arbitrary terms, as “belligerent act” simply cannot be overstated as the Department of Homeland Security has already published multiple reports labeling those who support the Constitution or protest the FEDERAL RESERVE to be “domestic belligerents” and thus in the eyes of the federal government a threat to National Security.

Even more disconcerting is the level of pompous disregard elected members of Congress show as they arrogantly eradicate the foundational principles of America, trampling upon the very ideals that helped spark the first American Revolution, with Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina recently stating during debate in the Senate:

“Please know, what will come your way: Death, Detention, and prosecution. And when they say, I want my lawyer, you tell them shut-up, you don’t get a lawyer.”
Debate on S. 1867
National Defense Authorization Act

Further, Democratic Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, one of the bill’s primary sponsors who drafted the original version in secret along with Republican Senator John McCain, states The Obama Administration specifically requestedSection 1031 of the bill be expanded to include the indefinite detention of Americans, threatening to veto the bill if it failed to encompass citizens and non-citizens alike.

However one member of Congress has openly stated that the Military should “NOT comply” if the order comes down to arrest ANY American on American soil. Here is Rep Justin Amash last night on Fox Business Andrew Napolitano‘s show, FREEDOM WATCH.

According to the group “OPEN CONGRESS” an organization that tracks federal legislation, the bill receives private-sector support mainly from those involved in the receipt of military contracts, such a Honeywell. Honeywell, a company historically known by the public as a manufacturer of thermostats for heating and air conditioners, is in reality one of the largest U.S. military contractors, with revenues of over $4 billion and enthusiastically supports this draconian piece of legislation.

Thus, this bill now puts everyone whether Tea Party member, Occupy Wall Street protestor, Son or Daughter of the modern Liberty movement in the crosshairs of a federal government who sees the Constitution as an encumbrance upon their absolute and unquestionable rule.

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